Company Brief Summary:

Al-Rajhi Aqar Group was established in 1978 in the city of Riyadh as a branch of a sole proprietorship of Sheikh Abdullah Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi - may God have mercy on him - and since that time the company’s focus has been on real estate activities such as buying land and ready-to-let properties and building new residential and commercial projects for rent. In 2013, the company turned into a company Owned by a holding company and an industrial company.


Our Vision

Pioneering in the field of real estate development in various residential, commercial and industrial sectors by providing diverse and pioneering products.

Our Mission

Achieving maximum return on Shariah-compliant investment in local sectors and regional markets, while maintaining the highest standards of governance, and integrating sustainability into initiatives with economic and social impact.

Company Objectives


Urban and architectural development of various regions and major cities to increase the upper limit of revenue.


Develop all company-owned lands that possess technical and financial qualifications to increase and multiply revenues and assets.


Suggest, offer and attract successful and ideal real estate investment opportunities.


Providing advisory services in all fields of real estate development, facilities management and asset evaluation.


Raising the profit margin rate for the current assets owned by applying efficiency improvement techniques with international standards and standards.


Raising the efficiency of the real estate portfolio and amplifying it, qualifying the company to be listed for offering in the local market.


Comprehensive and continuous improvement of all indicators and factors related to the company’s success through continuous follow-up of performance indicators to reach the main goal, which is to be one of the five largest successful companies in the field of real estate development in the Kingdom.


Abdallah Abdulaziz AlRajhi

The founder

Established By the late Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi, the vision was to establish a company that manages and operates most of the existing activities at that time to put it in a single entity and under one management under the name of Abdullah Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi and Sons Holding Company (AlRajhi Invest).